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You can become a member of Adventure Suites for free! Let us know you're interested and we'll sign you up!
Every time you stay in a suite, you get that suite credited onto your membership.

Standard Membership It's Free!
Once you've stayed in all 17 of our rooms, you'll receive Two Free Nights in the suite of your choice with the Great Impressions Upgrade. There is no time limit on membership. Members must stay at least one night every 14 months. You automatically upgrade to a GOLD MEMBERSHIP—Over $1,000 Value! Standard Membership
Express Membership It's Free!!
If you stay in all 17 rooms within a 12 month period, you'll receive Three Free Nights in the room of your choice!! Now you are a GOLD MEMBER. This is up to a $1,500 value! Express Membership
Gold Membership PRICELESS!
Once you have stayed in all 18 of our suites, you become a GOLD MEMBER and receive two free nights in the room of your choice. If you choose to stay in the same suite 18 times, then you get your two free nights in that suite. You also get a Free Great Impressions Package for every visit thereafter, and if you have a dog you do not have to pay the dog fee. Gold Membership
Platinum Membership
If you are a Gold Member and you stay another 18 times after your two free nights, you become a Platinum Member! Platinum members get two free nights in either the room of your choice, or the one room that you stayed in 18 times. Platinum Membership

NOTE: If you prefer to stay in more expensive suites, and come back to the same suites, we can credit a less expensive suite for you. You may also choose to stay in the same suite for 19 visits and receive your two free nights in that suite. The complimentary Great Impressions package is per visit (not per night). Your room credits are based on per night (not per visit). Free Nights exclude New Years' Eve.

Make your White Mountains vacation the best it can be at Adventure Suites—North Conway Lodging at its Best! Choose which room you like and click on the BOOK A RESERVATION link to see availability.